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Some things never change: Work at home scams

Posted by on 30 Mar 2009 | Tagged as: Fredericton, history

While browsing an old newspaper (from Nov 5, 1887) that Google graciously scanned in, I came across this familiar sounding ad:


Text reads: WORKING CLASSES ATTENTION! We are now prepared to furnish all classes with employment at home, the whole of the time, or for their spare moments. Business new, light and profitable. Persons of either sex easily earn from 50 cents to $5 per evening, and a proportional sum by devoting all their time to the business. Boys and girls earn nearly as much as men. That all who see this may send their address, and test the business, we make this offer. To such as are not well satisfied we will send one dollar to pay for the trouble of writing.  Full particulars and out – Pt free. Address George Stinson & Co., Portland Maine.

It sounds almost the same as these more modern ads:


Many people are amazed that there are people that still fall for the Nigerian scam. After 122 years, people are still falling for this one. My prediction is that in the year 2131, people will still be falling for the Nigerian scam.