This blog is a hobby. Don’t expect too many posts, I only post things when I get around to it. I’m also not a professional journalist or anything like that, don’t expect any level of quality.

For some reason, you may feel inclined to e-mail me. If you disagree with a posting or a comment, please leave a comment yourself, you don’t even have to put in your real e-mail address. The comments are moderated due to the massive amount of spam that is posted.  For all other reasons, you can e-mail me at

I got the name “lamespotting” when it just popped into my head all of the sudden. I thought that sounded like the best name for a blog ever, so I rushed to the computer and registered it. It is not intended to signify that I’m pointing things out that are lame (although many of the posts may be just that, but that’s a coincidence).