This video has shown up this evening. It claims to be Lada Gaga arriving in Moncton.

The first thing that you notice is that the airport is completely empty. This would indicate that she would not have come on a commercial flight. A quick search of Twitter showed no tweets of people seeing her in any other airport today, which means that she would have come in on a private aircraft.

How do we know if any private jets arrived? We can look up incoming flights of

There were no private jets at the Moncton airport today.

Another clue is that it would seem odd to have the camera rolling ahead of discovering that it was a celebrity sighting. Also note the prominent placement of the video author’s name.

Here’s video #2, which doesn’t really have too much in it:

Why would someone drive with the windows down on a cool Moncton autumn day?
If she was checking out the site, why would she walk down the dirt road? Wouldn’t concert site organizers be escorting her all around?

Also: The Times Transcript interviewed the manager of the airport who said that celebrities don’t use the main airport terminal.

Update: One of the video’s authors posted this as a confession that it is a hoax. It was created by two employees from La Mine D’Or, a local jewelry store to promote a Children’s Wish event.