It feels good to be helpful. It feels nice to let people out in traffic. It feels good that you sacrificed your right of way to another driver. Most of us do it, even me, as long as it’s safe.

Trouble is, there are a lot of places where it isn’t safe. Let’s have a look at our example intersection below, it looks like many in the city, particularly Exit 5 and Wilsey Rd (where I have witnessed this happen many times).

Driver A sees that there’s a long line of cars behind B who are waiting to turn left. He feels sorry for them waiting and decides to wave driver B out. Driver B can’t see driver C because of the long line of cars behind A, so he pulls out.

Both drivers B and C will need a clean pair of pants, or worse.

Yes, it’s nice to let people out, but please, don’t do it on roads that have more than a single lane.