As seen here, on the CBC, Fredericton is purchasing a traffic light sensor that can detect bicycles. $15,000 sounds a little steep for something that only bikes will use, doesn’t it? Fear not, as this device, according to the manufacturer, has advantages for drivers of non-bikes as well:

  • It does a better job of detecting motorcycles
  • It can see cars coming from 100ft away and trigger the light change earlier
  • If the light’s about to change, it can hold the green for you if you’re less than 100ft away
  • It tracks the direction of traffic so someone turning left too tightly won’t trigger the lights for the cross-traffic
  • It works in all kinds of weather
  • It sits on the pole so the road won’t have to be dug up when it breaks

$15,000 sounds like a lot, but compared to digging up the road to install an underground metal-detector loop, it’s a bargain.