For the past month, Bell Aliant FibreOp customers in Fredericton have noticed an odd increase in their speed. The upload speed appeared to be the same as their download speed. In some cases, the upload speed was faster than the download speed. Some had speculated that they were doing large scale testing to see how symmetric internet service would impact the network on a whole.

According to this unverified post on Digital Home Canada, they will be making the new speeds official:

10/2 will become 15/15
25/5 will become 30/30
70/15 will become 70/30
The 170/30 plan will be staying the same.

This is clearly intended to be a great competitive advantage against Rogers. Rogers may not even be technically capable of matching those upload speeds. All indications are pointing to a future where more upload bandwidth will be required due to peer-to-peer networks and social media. FibreOp is clearly ahead of the curve. Has the spirit of NBTel come back? Do the managers at Bell Aliant actually understand the Internet? Hopefully Ma Bell won’t step in and kill it like they did with so many other innovations from NBTel (VibeVision, iMagicTV, etc).