E10 Gasoline is here. You may have seen people complain about it, but the complainers are usually old car collectors or racers. Here’s a FAQ for regular people:

I have a regular car/truck and fill the gas tank more often than once a month
No problem, just keep buying regular.

I have a lawnmower/snowblower/ATV/dirt bike
The only change you’ll need to make is to switch to premium (not plus) gasoline as that won’t have the additive. Your best bet is to find a station that has a separate hose for supreme. This may be harder as newer pumps have combined hoses.

What’s wrong with E10 in smaller engines?

E10 only has a shelf life of about 3 months. After that, it will degrade and plug up the engine.

What’s wrong with combined hoses?
The problem is when you buy a small amount of gas. The hose will be full of whatever the last person bought.

I can only find combined hoses, what do I do?
No problem, if you also own a car. Just select Premium on the pump, put 5L of gas in your car to flush out the hose first. Then, fill up your jerry can.