I once attended a Fredericton Planning Advisory Committee. Let’s just say it was an interesting experience. Unfortunately, the City of Fredericton doesn’t stream the meetings online so you’ll have to physically go to the meeting and sneak your alcohol past the security guard.

Take one good sized gulp every time you hear one of the following:

  • “This is a family neighbourhood”
  • “We’re not against poor people, we just don’t think it’s the “right type” of development for this neighbourhood”
  • “I know you are legally required to approve this, but you should deny it anyway”
  • “I’ve lived on this street for over 20 years”
  • “That type of development is only for places like downtown”
  • “That type of development has no business being downtown”
  • “Why can’t this go on the North side, where the rest of the poor people live?”
  • “I approve the project in principle, as long as these design changes are implemented”
  • “We don’t want to increase density in this neighbourhood”
  • “They would be able to see me through the window getting dressed”
  • “It will destroy the character of the neighbourhood”
  • “It will block out the sun”
  • “That old house has to be 80 years old, therefore it is historic and must not be torn down”

There. That should make your decision to get involved in municipal politics that much easier.