The good people at the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce obtained a copy of the 2011 Fredericton budget at the council meeting and loaned it to me. As I don’t have a scanner with a paper feed and auto duplexer, I only scanned in the most interesting pages:

Page 55: Video Archive system. Could this also be used for putting council meetings on the Internet? If so, it would be a great first step towards a more open government.

Page 56: They lease a transit bus and hoist. I would have thought that since they keep a transit bus running for 25+ years, it would be cheaper in the long run just to buy it outright. I suspect they probably wanted to avoid having to raise taxes so they spread out the cost over several years. In the end, the taxpayer still has to pay interest on it.

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Page 57: Public works list a few projects, but is really vague on details. Hopefully they won’t be doing something stupid like they did last year.

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Page 71: Forest Hill water & sewer renewal. Wouldn’t this be a good time to replace that horrible intersection at the bottom of the hill with a roundabout?

There are also the two more controversial things mentioned here, and about another 120 pages that will eventually be posted on the city’s Council Minutes page once they’ve been translated and approved.