These aren’t just stupid predictions, I am basing these on past experiences, Google search hits to my blog, and the 2011 Fredericton budget.

1. City Council will underestimate the anger from the Silverwood bus cut.

The Scots are loud, but not as angry as the people of Silverwood. The Scots will get their statue back, but that will make the Silverwoodians even angrier. Expect these quotes: “Our property values have dropped”, “How could you betray your own people and vote against them”, “I can think of many other ways you can save $45,000” and “I can’t ride a statue to work”

2. The Costco will open

There will be rumours that it’s been cancelled going around until the morning that the doors actually open. The “Save the UNB Woodlot” people won’t bother with protesting it as they’ll be busy protesting whatever’s going in behind the Winners.

3. People will be angry about downtown parking

Nothing makes people more angry than downtown parking. In fact, people seem to be angry about something new every year. This year, it will be when they remove meters and replace them with those crappy machines. Yes, they will actually be doing this, it was in the budget:

4. People will love the roundabout on Brookside and demand more of them

One enough of the population figures them out, people will want more of them. There will be many letters-to-the-editor demanding them be placed everywhere.

5. Municipal reform will be used as an excuse

At some point the City of Fredericton will be criticized for something. They will then begin to use “we are waiting for the Alward government to initiate the municipal reform process” as an excuse for not doing something.