The last two blog posts about Saint John were fairly negative, so here’s a list of things that they do better in Saint John:

Transit – They actually put some effort into providing a decent level of service. They advertise, the routes make sense and they cooperate with the suburbs. In fact, the service to the suburbs is so popular, they’ve upgraded to use a sixty foot bendy bus.

Environmentalism – The local environmentalists actually make sense. Instead of ranting on about big box stores, they lobbied hard to stop the raw sewage flowing into Marsh Creek.  Now that the sewage problem is being looked after, they are concentrating on restoring the creek and modifying wetlands to help with the flooding on the east side.

Pedways – In Saint John’s Uptown, you can pretty much go anywhere without having to step outside. The Inside Connection connects pretty much all of their significant buildings from the City Market to Harbour Station. It also helps that as the Uptown area is build on a hill, there are plenty of escalators to help you up the hill. Even UNB’s Saint John campus has all of their buildings connected by a pedway system.