Since September 2009, I’ve been saving all of those ten-percenters that have arrived at my mailbox. Over 6 months, I’ve received 16 of them, that’s about 1 every two weeks.

Who has been sending them?

10 Keith Ashfield, Cons, Fredericton

1 Brian Storseth, Cons, Westlock – St. Paul (Alberta)

1 Alexandra Mendes, Lib, Brossard—La Prairie (Quebec)

1 Joseph Volpe, Lib, Eglinton-Lawrence (Ontario)

1 Keith Martin, Lib, Esquimalt—Juan de Fuca (BC)

1 Gurbax Malhi, Lib, Bramalea—Gore—Malton (Ontario)

1 Andrew Kania, Lib, Brampton West (Ontario)

That gives us 11 Conservative flyers and 5 from the Liberals. Many of the Liberal sheets also had a picture of Lester Pearson on it.

As for the content the Conservatives have:

6 Promoting the “Economic Action Plan”

3 Attacks against Michael Ignatieff

2 Reminding us how tough Harper is on crime

The Liberals gave us:

3 Attacks against Harper’s right-wing politics

1 Attack on the ”Economic Action Plan”

1 Promotion of Michael Ignatieff

The best part is that your tax dollars paid for them.  Tax dollars for partisan advertising that often ends up offending people. Money well spent.