Delays due to construction can be quite annoying. Seeing spray paint on the road in front of your house can be unnerving as you can only wonder what’s going to happen. If you live in Moncton, there is a complete list of projects that are due to be completed this construction season.  In Fredericton, you get nothing. You may get a press release a few days before a road is closed, but that’s about it. For some reason, they don’t have anybody who can add that information to the website. Even Saint John has a weekly report that summarizes the current projects.

I e-mailed my councilor and asked for a list of projects in the hope that I could post them here. On July 13th, I received an e-mail that said that they were compiling the list, but so far, I have not received it. As we’re already in mid-October, I don’t think I’ll be getting that list for this year.

As a citizen and homeowner, I’m disappointed in the lack of information coming out of City Hall. As an IT guy, I’m disappointed that the province’s “Smart City” is losing ground to Saint John and Moncton when it comes to posting basic information on a website.