The bus station has moved! It is now at 150 Woodside Lane. Click here for updated info.

A bombshell was dropped when it was announced that the Acadian Lines Fredericton terminal would be moving; not to the contested Woodside Lane location, but to Hubbard Rd., which is in the Fredericton Industrial Park. (News reports in the CBC and Daily Gleaner incorrectly reported that it was moving to the Vanier Industrial Park.)

Here is where it will be located:

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As you can see, there isn’t a lot that’s near it. For the poor sap who has to wait several hours for a transfer, there isn’t a lot to do nearby. There isn’t even a Tim Hortons.

For some reason, they aren’t able to use the Woodside Lane location. They claim that they are still analyzing the cost of moving there. That doesn’t make sense as the cost of moving to the Hubbard Rd. location would be the same as moving to Woodside Lane. I suspect there may be more to the story that we aren’t hearing. This is probably a sign that they are looking for another location, possibly downtown. Our public officials are silent on this as they are probably in the middle of negotiations and they don’t want to sink any potential deals by announcing anything publicly.