Many organizations and people are using the Internet. Some are better than others, here are some quick reviews:

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside – A+

He’s doing a great job with Twitter and he engaged the citizens with his Facebook group about the Costco (although may not have given him the desired result).

City of Fredericton – D

They have a website, but there’s barely anything on it.

CBC – A+

The CBC have fully embraced Twitter and are using it to post little tidbits of news that aren’t quite worthy of a story. They are also the fastest at getting stories online as they don’t have to wait until it has aired.

The Playhouse – B

They are using new technologies well, but they are missing one key thing. There is little to let you know what shows will have tickets for sale soon. You only get notified of new events after the tickets have been on sale and all the good seats have been taken.

CTV Atlantic – C+

They don’t post stories online, but they do make excellent use of the Facebook group. They regularly read comments from their group on the air.

The Daily Gleaner – B

The good: they post every story to their website. The bad: they wait until the paper has been printed until they post their story.

Astral Radio Stations – C

I’m referring to CapitalFM, The Fox and KHJ here. They post their news on the website, but it’s quite often only posted several hours after it airs. They don’t retain older newscasts, but they do take song requests over Twitter.

RogersTV – F

Local Matters, but only if you have cable.