A brief summary

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside recently declared war on ties. It all started on Twitter with this post:


Then a few more posts he takes it up a few notches:





Then he changes his picture (to be fair, I was the one who provided him with the picture)


Council July 13th

On July 13th, Mayor Woodside had his first council session with his new no-tie policy:


Yep, he wore the tie. Looks like his war on ties is more bark than bite.  Which is too bad as I spent some time to come up with the list below:

Top 5 new uses for Brad Woodside’s old ties

  1. As the rags in the molotov cocktails used to burn down the train station
  2. As instant leashes to give out to dogs on the walking trails (much like they provide the bags for the stoop & scoop)
  3. Stuff them under the cracks in doors to make the city’s old buildings LEED compliant
  4. Weave them into a quilt that can go on display in the council chambers
  5. Use them to keep the doors shut on Fredericton Transit’s Mulroney-era crapboxes