The rezoning for the move to 150 Woodside Lane was passed, there were a few speeches, Jordan Graham gave an excellent one. Most of the councilors who voted “yes” didn’t actually think that it was a good place for the bus terminal, but that it wasn’t the job of council to tell a business where they should go.

This doesn’t mean that the debate is over, the move to Woodside Lane is not final.  Acadian Lines can still choose to go wherever and whenever it wants to.  The overall message from Council was that they were still interested in keeping the terminal downtown.

One thing that really disappointed me was how the opposition conducted themselves. They were continually interrupting speeches and yelling during the actual reading of the by-law. This behaviour was immature and would only be appropriate at a wrestling match. (To be fair, yelling at wrestlers doesn’t work either as the results of those matches are also predetermined). In fact, they may have doomed their cause as many people who are against the move will not want to be associated with that crowd. Hopefully the organizers of the protest will release a statement distancing themselves from “those people”.

For more on this subject, go see: Summary of Fredericton’s Acadian Lines Bus Station Controversy

**UPDATE** Acadian Lines has decided not to move to Woodside Ln, instead they are moving to Hubbard Rd.