It’s been a while since I last posted about Fredericton Transit, but I have noticed that a few things have changed, while others haven’t. I’ll tally up a score to see how they’re doing.

New destination signs

They have replaced all their old fabric scroll destination signs with LED signs. These are great as you can now see which bus it is from 2 blocks away. I even saw a bus with the route number on the back of the bus. They have even replaced the signs on the Mulroney era clunkers (I suspect the sign would be worth more than the bus on those).

The new signs may also be compatible with their GPS and route management system which could change the signs automatically at the end of the route. Some systems have a sign inside the bus that displays the address of the next stop. For accessibility purposes, they can also announce the stops with a robotic voice. No idea if Fredericton Transit is getting either of those. 1 bonus point for improving the passenger experience.

Off-peak price reduction

It has been announced that a pilot project will see the bus fare reduced during non-peak times to 50 cents. This pilot will run until October. I could comment on this, but it has already been said much more eloquently at Wreckage Found Floating. The bus is still free on Sundays 🙂

Scorecard on other promised and expected changes

I’ve taken a few key points out of the report and some other places that are key to building a better transit service. These changes will either improve the overall system or increase passenger comfort so which will increase ridership. I’ve assigned a point value to each.


No update on this. Last word was that it’s still in trial phase. It’s too bad they don’t put a sticker on the door to identify which ones have the wi-fi so passengers can test them. 0/1 points.


Whenever I walk by a bus, I look to see if I can see the camera. I have yet to see it. I also don’t see it on the city’s web page despite the fact that it has been promised to be there ages ago. I suspect it doesn’t actually exist.  I am only counting this one because they promised it, not that it is actually all that useful. 0/1 points.


Still no sign of it. 0/1 points.


No sign of this either. 0/1 points.

Service Advertising

There has been no new advertising, I suspect they are holding off until the rebranding has been finished. 0/1 points.

Route simplification

Maybe September? The new electronic destination signs will make this easy. 0/1 points.

Old on-board ads

Still there (Obsolete and incorrect “Ambulance is now free” ads specifically) 0/1 points.

Sunday Service

There has been no discussion of this at all. 0/2 points.

North side route

There has been no discussion of this at all. 0/3 points.

Improved evening service

There has been no discussion of this at all. 0/2 points.

Accessible route

The consultant’s report suggested that they designate some routes as being accessible as they now have a significant amount of their fleet that are of the low floor variety. I would assume that they would make the run that goes to the hospital be the one that’s designated as accessible. This will reduce strain on the dial-a-bus service that is subject to many complaints of unavailability. This may be announced for the usual route adjustments in September. 0/2 points.


With little in the way of communication coming from Fredericton Transit, we can’t actually tell what may be going on behind the scenes. I’ll re-visit this scorecard once they announce the route changes for September.

Total: 1/16 = 6% = F