A Google alert found this incident involving a Fredericton-bound Air Canada Jazz jet and several Moncton Flight College training aircraft.


Essentially, there was an airspace clearance issue. The Air Canada plane had clearance to land, but the on-board radar noticed that there were 5 planes “in the way”. There was probably no risk of a collision, but the incident does raise some questions:

  • This occurred on June 2nd. Why was there no media coverage of this incident? It was serious enough to warrant a TSB (Transportation Safety Board) investigation.
  • The control tower is actually in Moncton. With this amount of air traffic, why isn’t there one here? Is there anyone at all in the Fredericton tower?
  • Why were the students in the airspace that belonged to the Air Canada plane? Shouldn’t they have been told to move? Isn’t negotiating air space with air traffic controllers a vital skill that every commercial pilot needs to know about?
  • Do the smaller AC Jazz aircraft have collision avoidance systems? What about the Premier’s plane?

Update: 3 out of 4 questions answered here: Update on Fredericton airport “near miss”