What’s the problem?

Acadian Lines were kicked out of their current location at Regent & Brunswick. They had to quickly find a new location as their landlord wanted them out in a hurry. The best location they could find was on Woodside Lane, which isn’t the most convenient location.

Against this location are:

  • Downtown businesses who see the loss of potential clients
  • Poverty activists who don’t like the fact that taxi fares will cost more
  • NIMBYs who believe that bus users are drug addicted criminals
  • Bus passengers who will now have to spend more on a cab or walk farther
  • Environmentalists who want to increase the use of public transportation
  • There are no sidewalks on Woodside Lane making a trip to Tim’s a bit unsafe
  • Many other groups have many other reasons

Positives about this location:

  • It’s available now
  • Easy to get to from the highway, nice wide turning lanes for the buses
  • It’s cheaper rent than downtown
  • The mayor gets free advertising as that street is named after him
  • Tim Horton’s sees more business

What are the alternatives?

Several alternative locations have been proposed, but each have their problems:

Two Nations Crossing

  • Even more inconvenient than Woodside Lane.

The old Sobeys/Lofood/TRA

  • That land would be better suited for a much larger development as it’s waterfront
  • Expensive
  • Floods in the spring
  • The City owns the parking lot, but Sobey’s owns the building

The former Luna Pizza on Dundonald

The former train station site on York

  • There’s an old train station sitting on it that would have to be torn down or fixed up at great expense
  • Heritage activists will protest the demolition of the train station
  • Many citizens will protest tax dollars being used to fix up a derelict train station that Irving neglected
  • Is it even fixable? We’ll have hordes of armchair structural engineers making their opinions known.
  • Even if they do fix it up, it may not be up to proper “standards” that some people think it should be. The current bus station is pretty plain and bland. Can Acadian Lines actually afford something much nicer?
  • I can’t imagine that site not being contaminated
  • NIMBYs – remember all the protests about the Sobeys? It’ll be much worse for a bus station.
  • Irving may not be willing to sell the land to Acadian Lines.

I don’t want the bus station on Woodside Lane, what can I do?

Your best bet is to let it go there for now. There is no point in making a big fuss about it now as it’s a done deal and there really aren’t any readily available options.

Remember that the City helped the Brunswick St. Baptist Church find new land for their expansion in order to save York House. That means they can also assist Acadian Lines in getting onto the train station property. Encourage them to do so.

Encourage Acadian Lines to work with the city to find a better location.

Tell the NIMBYs to shut up once they start complainig.  If heritage advocates start giving trouble, ask them where they were before the train station started falling over.

Update: July 16th 2009. The vote has passed: Acadian Lines Fredericton Terminal update