I missed the grand opening of what I think is a great idea for Fredericton’s downtown.  Not all employers are as generous as mine and allow bikes to be brought into the office.

I decided to check it out. $50 is a great deal for parking for a year.


I was curious how one got into there so I took a quick peek and noticed they had a proximity card system. This is probably the best system you could use in an installation like this as you can’t copy it like a key and you can deactivate them really easily if the card is lost or stolen.


I then noticed that it looked different on the other side. I assumed that you would also need to use the card to get out as steel bars don’t provide any reach-around security. Boy, was I ever wrong:


Yes that’s right, it’s a button. Their security system can be disabled with a coat hanger or even something less conspicuous like an air pump. (Note, I didn’t actually test this out myself)