I can confirm that Coery Haim is in Fredericton. I have seen him myself. He is here filming a movie called “American Sunset“. There are a number of scenes that are being filmed in downtown Fredericton. Much of the activity seems to be centered around this truck:


To see what he looks like, you can check out his latest photo gallery. When I saw him, he was wearing these massive aviator sunglasses and had three other guys with him that looked just like him. I am not sure whether they were stunt-doubles or an entourage.

They tend to film during rush hour so there’s more traffic in the background. The production crew tends to bag up the parking meters near where they are going to shoot so the spots don’t get taken. The bags are there all day and may have “American Sunset Productions” written on them. You may also see a bunch of trailers parked around town. On Monday, they were spotted in the old TRA/Sobeys parking lot.