This is a warning to let you know that there are scammers going door to door offering to pave (or repave) your driveway. They were in Fredericton this weekend and will soon be likely to travel to other places in the Maritimes.

Remember, if you suspect that someone at the door may be a scammer, you can watch for these warning signs:

  • The fact that they came to the door. Most people call contractors, legitimate ones rarely solicit door-to-door.
  • You are not given any time to decide. If they won’t let you think about it or if you get a significant discount if you go for it right away, then they are a scam.
  • Are they pressuring you? Fast talking and high pressure sales are a good clue that something isn’t right.
  • Do they have any paperwork? They should give you a written estimate.
  • Are they driving a “company” truck? If so, does the logo look like a magnet that’s been removed several times? Fake contractors will remove their logo as soon as they are out of your neighbourhood. That way, the cops won’t spot them as easily.
  • If you do get any paperwork, it should include a full address, phone numbers, as well a GST/HST number.
  • In most municipalities, door-to-door vendors require an ID tag with their name and company to be visible at all times. They may also need to have a license.

Here’s an example of a “business card” handed out by one of these people:


You may notice that they don’t have the address listed. It should also be noted that real landlines start with “4” for Fredericton. If you look up 506-260 at, you’ll find that that phone number is just a cell phone. Of course, you won’t be able to do that while standing at the door.

If you are at the door and you’ve figured out that they are scammers, don’t let them know that you’re on to them. Just tell them that you’re not interested and try to get the plate number from their vehicle (if you can). Now, you should check to see if they are actual scammers, or just sleazy (there are a number of Fredericton contractors who fall into the sleazy categotry). The best way to do it is to Google them. If they don’t show up, then they aren’t real. If they do show up, click around, you may learn a lot. Next, you should call the cops. Don’t call 911, call their main number (460-2300). Even if you don’t have a plate number, they’ll still file a report which will keep them fresh on their minds.

Here’s a YouTube that tells you what they’re all about: