I was excited when I saw this in the Gleaner:


Since I can’t copy & paste the article in, I’ll go over some of the points it makes.

1. Wi-fi – hopefully they put this on all their fleet. I’d be curious to see if it works at the very ends of the runs. Route 18 goes all the way past the Bucket Club, which is far away from their main transmitter near Two Nations Crossing. According to the Gleaner, “wireless fibre” is used to connect the Fred-e-Zone access point on the bus to the main part of the network. As “wireless fibre” doesn’t actually exist, a little research shows that it uses a proprietary technology called iBurst. Hopefully they will put it in their clunkers as well as their newer buses.

2. Geolocation – Hopefully they get all the kinks out of it in Moncton first. It’s nice to have it using Google Maps, but that is kinda useless if you’re at the stop waiting and only have a phone. The easiest way to do this is to have an IVR that you can call on the phone and to tag every bus stop with a unique number that can be entered by the rider.

3. BusCam – Awesome! I hope they hurry up and make it public, there’s so much fun to be had with that.

4. Two Nations Crossing trial extension (wasn’t in that article, but is here) – great news that they aren’t going to kill it right away. Too bad they aren’t willing to extend the hours to run until 10pm.