Sussex International Airport - artist's rendition (photo: killerbees, Lic:CC) The Fredericton Airport (YFC) only has 1 permanent tenant, Air Canada. The city is considered to be too small for other airlines to service.  In fact, both the Saint John (YSJ) and Moncton (YQM) airports have the same problem. Some have proposed closing the three airports and building a larger one in Sussex. There is another solution that won’t involve closing and rebuilding anything:


There is no reason that a plane can’t stop in Fredericton on the way to Moncton or Saint John. The reason they don’t is that in larger markets there is a consumer preference for non-stop flights. Over here, that doesn’t matter as much because most consumers would prefer to have a stop than no service at all.  In fact, stops could allow for bigger and better aircraft. Why scrunch yourself up in the seat of a Dash-8 when you could fly in a much more comfortable 737? (with an in-flight entertainment system)

It’s time for the local airports to stop competing against each other and to start working with each other.