What have we become? Why is it so hard for people to accept the fact that when they park in a spot that doesn’t belong to them that they will get clamped? It saddens me to think that there is a significant amount of the population that believes the rules don’t apply to them.  It concerns me that the Fredericton Police Force thinks a charge is warranted in this case.  It’s bad enough that they don’t enforce existing traffic laws (a topic I’ve covered a few times before), but when they act two-faced about private matters, it makes them appear bad. On one side, they are telling property owners that the police will not handle private matters, yet on the other side, they aren’t letting property owners deal with the problem themselves.

So after reading a couple of articles on the matter, I decided to see for myself. The complainant parked in the lot in front of the old liquor store on King St.



So here’s a picture of the lot in question.  I had to highlight the sign in red as it isn’t all that obvious where it is.


The sign is pretty small and if that van was parked directly in front of it, you wouldn’t see it if you were sitting in the driver’s seat of a low car.  Most lots have bigger signs, but something tells me it is more profitable for the clamping company if they have smaller signs. I think this debate will be interesting, I bet that 99% of the population will side for the clamping company. Of course Mrs. Kelly (whose husband reads this blog BTW) should have known the golden rule of downtowns: there’s no such thing as free parking.

This may be going before the courts, but I think the real solution would be for Mrs. Kelly to eat the $75 fee and have her husband work on a by-law to regulate the clampers. They just need to make sure that the signs are the right size and in the right location. This would be a reasonable compromise that will keep the people that pay for parking happy and make sure that poachers know what they will be facing before they park.

Don’t forget that you could just get Yosemite Sam to guard your lot 🙂 (from here)