So I’m walking down Queen St. and I see this sign that just doesn’t look right.  It looks like they replaced an older sign with a new one that’s smaller.  I just don’t think they did it quite correctly.

As you can see above, it looks like it’s been hung from the roof with skipping rope.  The electrical hack is even worse:

None of that stuff is supposed to be outside exposed like that.  If they used the right cable, it would be a thick, black rubber-coated one.

So all of this is pretty obvious to anyone walking down the street.  So why don’t we have anyone in the right positions actually do anything about it?  Not only is it unsafe, it’s also unsightly.  They didn’t even center the sign.

Update: My brother informs me that L.L.B.O stands for Liquor Licensing Board of Ontario.  We’re not quite under it’s jurisdiction here in Fredericton.