Today is the day to vote. Didn’t take the time to evaluate all the candidates? Didn’t bother to read the Questions That Count from the very excellent Chamber of Commerce Municipal Affairs Committee? No problem, I’ve picked the winners for you.

  • Ward 2: Grandy
  • Ward 4: Megarity
  • Ward 5: Savoie
  • Ward 6: LeTourneau
  • Ward 7: Burhoe
  • Ward 8: Ericson
  • Ward 10: Levac
  • Ward 11: Rogers
  • Ward 12: Kelly
  • Health Board: Mullin
  • Mayor: Woodside

For the councillors, I evaluated their responses to the Chamber of Commerce survey and their online presences. In many cases, their responses were so close that there was no real clear winner. If it was a tie, I selected who had the best online presence.

For the health board, I had to choose Doug Mullin as he seems to be the only serious candidate. Some of the candidates didn’t even come up on Google. Some of them are chiropractors.

For mayor, it wasn’t an easy choice. Hayes has all the answers, but where the mayor doesn’t really set any of the policy, I had to go with Woodside for his political experience. Hayes would make an excellent mayor, but he would be much better if he had some time on council. Still, he raised some important issues and I hope those issues continue to get raised between now, and the next election.

Don’t know where to go vote? Locations are here: