According to this map, Fredericton may be getting up to six new roundabouts. Unfortunately, everything’s pretty vague, so this article is 100% speculation.

1. Kimble & Wetmore. This one probably was the recipient of a lot of complaints as it can be hard to see when turning onto Kimble from Wetmore. It wouldn’t have had enough traffic to warrant lights so they will get a roundabout instead.

2. Two Nations & Cliffe. This area is probably going to grow a lot more, good to get this in before it gets really busy up there.

3. Forbes & Hillcrest. Interior streets within a subdivision. I’m sure they have a good reason.

4. Ascot & Reading (pictured below). Remediation of a subdivision planning failure. If you’ve ever had to drive through this one, you’ll know how awkward it is.

5. Stairs & Reynolds. There’s already one at Reynolds & Brookside, why not have more? This one sees a lot of left turns, so it will fit in quite well.

6. Smythe & Dundonald (pictured below). This will be the most controversial one yet. This will be the first one on a high-volume road. In fact, it will be on two high volume roads. They’ll need to step up the driver education if they want this one to work.

I’ll adjust this page as more information becomes available.