Why don’t younger people care about the federal election? I’ll give you a quick example:


We hear of politicians being tough on crime, poverty, and the deficit. Nobody wants to be tough on large Canadian companies that use their legislated near-monopoly status to rip off Canadians. The CRTC is set up to keep foreign players out of Canada. This gives Canadians high prices, poor service, and missed opportunities when services aren’t available here. Sure, those companies provide jobs to Canadians, but so will the foreign ones.

To many people, this is a major issue. Canadians want to be able to enjoy the telecommunications options that are available in other countries. They want to be able to use the Internet without having to worry about overage charges. They want to be able to check their e-mail on their cellphone without having to pay thousands of dollars in data transfer fees.

Without presenting this as a major issue to young people, our parties are missing the boat. Old people vote Conservative, young people don’t vote, therefore the Conservatives get elected. Spend some $$ on targeted web ads, get some new people to vote for your party.

P.S. Yes, I know that the NDP has it in their platform, but it’s buried deep within it. Yes, I have heard of the Pirate Party, unfortunately, they aren’t a major party and aren’t running candidates in every riding so they’ll never get in.